“A world-class workplace starts with employee empowerment”

A single simple interface

Save time and money by encouraging employees to submit all requests through a dedicated communication- channel

Native mobile technology

When employees use their smartphone to communicate requests, they report a 5x improvement in workplace satisfaction

Better data for decision makers

Data collected via CrowdComfort allows for enhanced analytics and data visualization

What would you do with your time if you closed out requests 4X faster?

CrowdComfort is a mobile app that enables employees to report service requests in a matter of seconds with geolocation, text and photos.

Requests are instantaneously auto-routed to the right person, in the right place, with the right tools

The employee is kept in the loop automatically throughout the process as the request is managed and addressed.

Say goodbye to the pain of having duplicate requests delivered through multiple channels, wasting time and resources. With CrowdComfort, there is no need for hardware, extra sensors, devices or equipment to identify the what, where, when and who associated with your employees’ requests.

Geolocated reporting

Each request made in the CrowdComfort platform is delivered to FM teams with the precise location shown with a red dot on the floorplans. Spend less time scoping issues and more time fixing them.

Eliminate chaos

If you’re still using email, sticky notes, phone calls, 800 numbers, legacy systems, web based tickets, work order systems, CMMS, and text messages, it’s time to upgrade! CrowdComfort is simple for everyone to report and manage service requests in one common channel.

Activate the Human Sensor Network inside your building

Tap into the power of your company’s Human Sensor Network: the employees and their smartphones. CrowdComfort enables any employee to easily make geo-located requests pertaining to comfort, maintenance, and safety issues in a matter of seconds.

Status update notifications

Fully configurable workflows and hierarchies to ensure that information gets delivered to the appropriate resources, with automatic updates for both employees and facility teams. CrowdComfort apps facilitate a two-way conversation ensuring everybody is kept in the loop.

Analytics & data visualization

Stop wasting time with excel-based 2-dimensional analytics. CrowdComfort provide advanced 3-dimensional analytics and data visualization to make recommendations that are meaningful and actionable.

More satisfaction, less frustration

Every year, corporate employees lose hours of productivity due to facility related problems that go unreported or slow to get fixed. By enabling employees to easily submit service requests CrowdComfort has demonstrated improved responsiveness, faster closing times, higher employee productivity, and better employee satisfaction scores

More efficient resource utilization

More efficient communication leads to better utilization of resources. Examples of this include a reduction in repeat trips made by remote technicians (saving fuel), a more rapid response to a leaking pipe (saving water) or the identification of a recycling opportunity (less waste). CrowdComfort works closely with customers to identify these types of environmental wins that should be shared and celebrated internally.

Recommended by the leaders

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Watch CrowdComfort in action!

CrowdComfort has been deployed in over 100M square feet of corporate real estate


Download the app today

Simple to install and easy to use

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform

No hardware required

Mobile, lightweight, and user-friendly

Minimal training and lightning-fast set up time

Standalone solution (in certain cases, can be integrated With a building’s existing systems)

Easy-access dashboards and analytics for managers

Fully customizable

Game-changing affordability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Human Sensor Network (HSN)?

HSN = employees + smartphones, Human beings are the ultimate intelligent system with the ability to communication a request with the least ambiguity and the most context.

How long does it take to implement the solution in my facilities?

It can take less than 30 days from the date you say “go” to the date when CrowdComfort is activated in your building.

What do I need to provide Crowd Comfort in order to get started?

All we need is a set of floor plans to get started. From that, we input your locations and map the locations onto our platform. Once this is done, the location of every incoming service request can be determined within a matter of feet.

Can it be used with other existing systems?

Yes, CrowdComfort can be used a standalone or used as an updated front end to an existing system.

How long before I see results?

Right away. Employees across the CrowdComfort customer base are quick to adopt the technology and you can expect to see an immediate increase in engagement, responsiveness, and satisfaction scores. Many of these benefits are tied to savings that we’ve quantified and qualified.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us


In 2013 the US White House’s Office of Science and Technology was looking for innovative ways to deploy technology to address building & energy challenges. In connection with this effort, the OST, in April of 2013 hosted the CleanWeb Hackathon .

Earlier in 2013, we had been experimenting with the idea of using the combination of people and cellphones as a means for reporting thermal comfort issues in office environments. Over chicken wings and beer one night, we decided to present our idea to the masses assembled for the Clean Web Hackathon. The idea was selected by a panel of judges from the VC and Technology communities as the best. Emboldened by the reaction to our idea, we decided to leave our day jobs and commit full time to this idea. Shortly thereafter CrowdComfort was born.

We recognized early on that the idea was bigger than thermal comfort, and in short order the capabilities of the product included all issues which arise in the workplace.

CrowdComfort is no longer simply a cool concept, that was covered in Wall Street Journal, and named on Entrepreneur magazine’s list of 100 Brilliant Companies. Today, CrowdComfort works with F500 companies to improve the lives of both the employees who work there, and the facilities management teams who are in charge of managing the workplace.

By leveraging mobile apps and cloud analytics CrowdComfort increases employee productivity, safety and comfort to optimize building performance and efficiency. This approach has been proven to improve employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and a reduction in wasted resources. 

Meet our team

If you are still using legacy systems, it’s time to CrowdComfort. Eliminate the guess-work and frustration by adding our powerful employee front end to your service delivery. It’s the missing link to delivering a first-class workplace experience.

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B. Eric Graham

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    Kevin Loos

    VP of Sales & Operations
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      Jim Fitzgerald

      Chief Technology Officer
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        Scott Balboni

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          Frank Brullo

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                Senior Director of Marketing

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                  Happy customer

                  Great product that I couldn't survive without. The CrowdComfort platform makes it easy for employees to submit FM requests and enables my team to manage these requests on the fly improving response time, engagement, and operational performance.

                  - Cynthia Blais, Head of Facilities, GE Healthcare

                  My facilities team used to get employee facility requests delivered through email, phone calls, and people stopping us in the hallways. Now we encourage everyone to use the CrowdComfort app and we love it! In addition to the improved experience and streamlined workflows, we were also able to pinpoint HVAC problem areas through the data visualization and analytics.

                  - Joanne Forsythe, Campus Facilities Manager, Saint-Gobain

                  Loving app and super quick response to issues raised.

                  Anonymous User

                  Thank you for your prompt attention to the issue and resolved it quickly! Thumbs up!

                  Anonymous User

                  Wow! Nice. I noted this going into a meeting and by the time I got out it was done! Even though it was a small spill (looked to be coffee) it's good to get these up quickly before they get soaked / ground in. Thanks

                  Anonymous User

                  Much easier way to submit tickets!! Love it!!

                  Anonymous User

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