For corporate real estate tech startups: How to launch and execute a pilot with a corporate client in 3 months

Five ways CoREtech startups can help corporate real estate teams overcome bureaucracy, uncertainty, and risk aversion to launch a successful technology pilot This is the second piece of a 2-part series. In this part, we focus on what CoREtech companies can do to accelerate innovation within a large corporate environment. As mentioned in the previous […]

The #1 factor impacting high employee satisfaction is…

Responsiveness!  Employees just want to be heard. This finding may seem intuitive for many, but CrowdComfort has recently unlocked the data to support it. In Q4 2018 CrowComort officially released a new “rate-your-experience” feature in-app as a way for employees to score their experience with facility-related service delivery.   This may not sound groundbreaking to some, but over […]