Detect building performance issues

with the help of the entire company.

Welcome to the Human Sensor Network™

Let’s make buildings better together. 

With CrowdComfort building occupants use their smartphones to report site-specific building issues, keeping workplaces running smoothly and everyone safe, happy and productive. 

It’s the Human Sensor Network™ in action, and it’s time you got 20% of your day back.

Scope in under 10 minutes

Mobile feedback simplifies the ability to pinpoint problems and reduces closing time by 85%.

Communicate in Real-Time

Update employees and other building occupants to reduce the time to find company information by 35%. 

Identify Trends & Solutions

Automatically analyze user data to reveal hidden saving opportunities.

We want managers to excel and save time!

  • Facility Managers

    Reduce your average time for managing information and closing out work orders to <10min

  • Real Estate Professionals

    Utilize data analyses to cut the annual operational cost in your buildings between 10-20%

  • Safety Experts

    With real-time updates and data collection, physical hazards can be easily documented and managed within 1 day

Industry Solutions

What Our Customers Are Saying

Will Scarbrough

Our architects and designers want to try out the latest technology for buildings. At the same time, our building manager, John, is excited to consistently collect input from people in the building. Our goal is for this data about our building to enable decisions that correctly reflect people’s experience of working here.

Will ScarbroughCOO of Sasaki
Chris Pyke

USGBC is excited for the potential CrowdComfort has not only to improve our maintenance reporting process but also for capturing real-time data about occupant experiences in LEED-certified spaces. The data collected through this app could help us measure how successfully the intent of a LEED credit related to occupant comfort and satisfaction is being achieved.

Chris PykeVP of Research, USGBC
Rimi Chakraborty

There is a big opportunity for emerging enterprise SaaS companies like CrowdComfort. Our clients no longer want or need expensive and complex legacy software systems. We help them discover the lightweight, simple, and intuitive alternatives that better fit their needs.

Rimi ChakrabortySenior VP, T3 Advisors

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