Over the past two months we’ve been fortunate to host six webinars with ten partners, engaging with 1,500+ real estate, workplace, and facility leaders.  We’ve been able to gain some key insight through the webinar polling capabilities and look forward to sharing those with our community.  Please find the first in the series below.

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We are proud to share a new product offering from your friends at CrowdComfort: COVID-19 Cleaning Maps.

A top priority for organizational leadership is instilling confidence that employees are returning to a safe and clean workplace

The Product

CrowdComfort COVID-19 Cleaning Maps show a livestream data visualization of what’s been cleaned and what hasn’t – it’s really that simple.  Cleaning visualizations can be used internally to manage staff or presented on digital signage around the building.  Key product takeaways include

  • No hardware, integration, or existing data source required
  • Enables employees to easily see what spaces have been cleaned
  • Demonstrates that safety and cleanliness are top priority for management
  • Unlocks better management of cleaning crews

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The Backstory

In early March impact of the pandemic began to sink in as conferences were canceled, restaurants were closed, and many businesses told their employees to stay home.  These first few weeks were filled with chaos and uncertainty as everyone was trying to figure out where this was all going.  Towards the end of March we reached out to our customers, partners, and community members to ask two simple questions: how are you and how can we be helpful?

These conversations painted an inspiring picture of adaptability, resilience, and fortitude.  For the most part people at these companies boldly managed through the peak of uncertainty, communicated honestly to employees, facilitated a seamless transition to remote work, and were already in re-entry planning mode before the end of April. 

The top priority for all stakeholders we spoke to is ensuring that employees return to a safe, clean, and productive work environment.  Specific areas of focus are on an enhanced cleaning/sanitization plan, social distancing, and low-touch/no-touch surfaces.  During these conversations, we realized that we’re uniquely positioned to assist with enhanced cleaning strategies.  We already capture real-time geo-located reports in the workplace.  And we already map that into data visualizations about workplace trends.  The one piece we were missing is the live feed from the input (reporting) to the output (visualizations).  A few internal conversations and scoping meetings later COVID-19 Cleaning Maps were born.   

How It Works

Three simple steps

1. We digitize floor plans and work with clients to identify cleaning locations (zones, rooms, desks) that are tied to virtual pin drops on floor plan and tied to GPS coordinates and stored in cloud

2. Cleaning crews use CrowdComfort app to confirm their work at each zone with location, text, and a picture

3. CrowdComfort feeds reporting data to a live map clearly presenting the real time status of workplace cleanliness

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We hope this can be a helpful solution for you and your team.  To learn more, visit our website or schedule a demo today.



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Two weeks ago CrowdComfort co-hosted a webinar with VergeSense and Robin that was attended by over 400 corporate real estate leaders. The session was structured as a virtual roundtable discussing how COVID-19 is impacting the workplace.  Participants included CrowdComfort’s CEO Eric Graham, Sam Dunn, CEO of Robin, and Dan Ryan, CEO of VergeSense.

The discussion covered a range of topics and quickly revealed the complex challenge of bringing employees back to the workplace in the age of COVID-19.  

One of the highlights for attendees was when the CEOs were asked to answer the questions, “what are some things workplace leaders can do to capture the low-hanging fruit and put some quick wins on the board?”.  A few of the answers below

Low tech

  • Small upgrade to the lobby that can include easy access to masks and sanitizers, as well as plexiglass barriers at the front desk
  • Reduce or remove chair from conference rooms
  • Implement ‘one-way streets’ in the workplace, similar to what many grocery stores are currently implementing
  • Establishing an elevator strategy that could include a scheduled ride, toothpicks to press buttons, or encouraging the use of stairs more frequently
  • A phased transition back with certain employees coming in on certain days throughout the week with the goal to be that building capacity doesn’t exceed 50%, exact percentage dependant upon organizational goals

High Tech

  • Upgrade to lobby that include automatic doors and no-touch or low-touch checking in process
  • Digital signage that shows what areas have been cleaned recently, by CrowdComfort
  • Next-gen sensors that measure social distancing, by VergeSense
  • Next-gen floor plan management tool to enable social distancing
  • Infrared temperature sensors in the lobby and entryways

Ultimately, each company’s strategy will be unique and partially driven by the organization attributes including industry, location, demographics, workplace layout, and culture.  We’d love to hear more about what your company is doing!

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