We are Thankful, for Everyone

Family With Grandparents Enjoying Thanksgiving Meal At Table


We are thankful that people want to be better.


We are thankful that people strive and continue to be nicer, kinder, more inventive, and more willing to improve the conditions of their communities. We are extremely thankful that people persevere, and are resilient in times of strife and turmoil. We are thankful that people go out of their way to pray, support, console, and embrace those affected by tragedy, both domestic and international.


We are thankful that our company, our team members, have been able to grow and progress in ways in which couldn’t predict before. We are thankful that we were able to work safely and productively, and provide our customers the care and consideration they deserve. We are thankful that people want to better, and choose to be better each day after the next. We are thankful that we can provide a service that helps improve the lives of people like this, and extend our gratitude of what has happened in the past eleven months. 


It’s been an incredible year for us at CrowdComfort, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t elaborate further on the people and events that have contributed to our success in 2015:



Clients - Without a doubt, the most exciting aspect of 2015 has been accumulating an elite customer base, with names such as GE, National Grid, Massachusetts College of Art & Design and Taconic Investments (at Google in New York). These organizations represent a long tradition of thought leadership in their respective industries, and their desire to improve the comfort and efficiency of their facilities has enabled us to rapidly innovate based on the needs of best-in-class buildings. We look forward to serving these companies—and many, many more—in 2016. 


We’ve hit the 10 client milestone with new clients this year, and we’ll continue to offer the most innovative tools to the world of facility management.



Funding - We’re thrilled to have raised $1.4MM from like minded investors. These funds have allowed us to grow quickly and capture even more of the opportunities we’ve been presented. Thank you, investors and friends, for believing in our vision and offering to help catalyze our efforts.



Tech - The CrowdComfort software has come a long way since 2014, and we’re working on new improvements daily. Looking toward 2016, we’re on tap to deliver an even more cohesive, comprehensive facility management system. We’ll be unveiling new features over the months ahead, so be sure to stay tuned. 

We’d also like to add an extended appreciation to our new Director of Engineering, Oscar Cortes. He has done a fabulous job, and know he will continue trend!



The Landscape - CrowdComfort exists solely because it’s needed. More and more often, these days, companies are aiming to improve the quality of life for their workers—which means more comfortable, intelligent buildings. This (paired with modern technology) presented a ripe opportunity for improving people’s lives while cutting down on inefficient utility use. There’s never been a more exciting time for facility management, and we’re glad to have been given the opportunities we have.



Our Home- Greentown Labs has been an exceptional home for us, allowing us the tools and space to grow as a business, and as a member of an extremely creative and innovative community. The support and care Greentown Labs provides to all of the companies they host is incomparable, and so we extend a special thank you to them!



Our Team - We’re constantly amazed each day by the talent, vision, and passion of those around us. The office is an invigorating place to have spent a year, and we’re only expecting to grow that culture in the year ahead. We cannot give enough gratitude to our growing team. 


And so, from all of the CrowdComfort Team, thanks again for a great 2015! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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