The Five Myths of Facility Management Software

Untitled design(3)Given that facilities management is such a rapidly changing industry, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of misconceptions out there. In the spirit of clearing some of these up, we’ve put together a list of the 5 most common myths about facility management software that we’ve come across—along with explanations for why they are more fiction than fact.


Myth #1:  You have to be at a desk to use facility management software

You see a maintenance issue, you walk across the building back to your computer, you log a work order, and send it out to someone on your team, repeat. Sound familiar?

Thanks to the rise of mobile-first, cloud-based facility management systems, this scenario is becoming less and less common. Instead of going back to a desk, employees can now submit requests as they discover a need, rather than wasting time returning to a computer or forgetting to submit them altogether. More reports leads to more data, which leads to better buildings, improved service levels, and decreased costs.


Myth #2: Customization is costly

When facility managers hear the word “customization,” they often cringe—because they think that customization is code for “more expensive.” After all, facilities management software suites aren’t designed as out-of-the-box perfect for every business.

With SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) facilities management platforms, however, customization is vastly more affordable. SaaS solutions typically allow ease of configuration by either the provider or the user. These technology platforms are designed to allow changes to workflow and preferences within a couple of clicks. Furthermore, SaaS is less labor intensive and can be much less costly because you don’t need a technician on site or need to pay for yearly upgrades.


Myth #3:  Extensive training is required

One of the biggest headaches facility managers traditionally have faced when rolling out a new software platform is employee training. Getting a new system up and running for hundreds of employees can be time consuming, frustrating, and costly.

Because mobile-first, SaaS applications are designed with front-end user experience as a priority, this is becoming less of an issue. One of our customer sites, which has 400 employees, reported that the amount of time required for employee training dropped from 3 hours per employee from their old software platform to 1 hour per employee for their new system because the front-end interface of the app was so user friendly. Rolled out over the entire organization, this is an 800 hour reduction in employee training time.


Myth #4: It’s really expensive

Unfortunately, this myth is often more true than not. After factoring in the cost of customization, set up and training, some facility management software platforms can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for total cost.

Yet at the same time, many facilities managers also admit that they only use about 10% of the capabilities of their current systems. What if they could purchase a system that left out that other 90% that they don’t use? Chances are, the system would be a lot cheaper.

Fortunately, mobile SaaS facility applications allow for this pinpoint customization, which can vastly bring down costs. And because they use cloud-based services to manage data and don’t require on site data management, costs are dropped even further. The days of expensive facility management software are coming to a close.


Myth #5: Facility management systems require lots of hardware and sensors

Instead of installing hundreds of sensors to gather information about temperature in each room, what if you could give employees a way to report comfort levels wherever they are? Thanks to the incredible rise of smartphone usage in the workplace, this is now a possibility. Employees are eager to provide data comfort data about their work space, obviating the need for expensive hardware installations with new facility management software. Facility managers who give employees the power the report maintenance issues see more data, reduced scoping time, happier employees, and a whole host of other benefits—at a fraction of the cost.


Your turn – what’s your biggest struggle with your FM software?



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