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Temperature Issues at Work: Let’s Solve them!

Temp and Product.Having a comfortable temperature is key for people to concentrate and be productive. Think of all the times in your life where you had to get up and adjust the thermostat, or put on another layer, so that your body temp was just right. Maintaining proper temperature conditions is qualitatively, and quantitatively proven to improve productivity in the office.


A joint Study by the University of Helsinki and The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was able to find a measure of how unproductive workers become at certain temperatures. Based on peak performance around designated temperatures, a worker’s productivity can take an 8.9% decrease when the workplace reaches an “unproductive temperature.” If you’re looking for hints on what that temperature may be, then you’re in luck: the study found the best range of worker output occurs between 69.8 to 71.1 degrees Fahrenheit.


Too much altering of the thermostat at work can take a dip in not only how productive workers are, but also can create a massive dent in the checkbook (through over-spending on energy sources.) A 2009 study from CareerBuilder found that ⅓ of participants (in a sample of 4,000 people) cited temperature as a workplace issue. So by messing around with the temperature too much, you can take hits in several departments at once.


While temperature and productivity are correlated, there are three simple ways to make temperature in the workplace a non-issue:

  • Ask your employees! — Make sure each employee is given access to a work environment that is comfortable, and temperate for them. Communication is a wonderful tool to pre-emptively steer away workplace grievances
  • Organize and create a process to collect and address complaints, reports, and other concerns — Have a system (software-based for improved ease!) to collect and analyze data that can stunt temperature issues before they blow up into major areas of concern. A streamlined process can provide a road map of solutions to several problems at once.
  • Rinse and Repeat! — Making sure you have a balanced organization of qualitative/personal concerns with quantitative trends is key, but doing it over and over again is critical! As the adage goes: practice makes perfect, so make sure that your system of temperature management is a constant process.


What measures are your company making in temp. management? If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen (office)!


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