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The Next 100 Years: Technology Predictions


When predicting technology within the next century, one can easily identify future tech based on current trends. However, some of these “future technologies” may already exist today. 


In every technology prediction, there are a few no brainers.


We know, for example, that military funding will continue unabated so it’s logical to predict that more advanced weapons will be developed. Space-based technology will expand. And new military bases will be located on our moon, distant planets, or orbiting “Battle Stars” (that’s for you Star Wars fans!) 


As another no brainer, we can expect that environmental conditions will become worse. There will be widespread nuclear proliferation and water shortages across the planet. Dwindling oil supplies will require that we develop and use alternative forms of energy. Accessing the power that solar energy satellites beam down to earth stations likely will be part of the solution to our energy challenges.


And in the next 100 years we can expect better, digital based communications related to emergencies, hazards, safety, environmental issues, terrorism, fire, criminal activity, and the like. Need proof? Take a look at the multi-billion acquisition of IoT companies, like this 1.4 billion dollar purchase by Cisco. We’ll leverage this technology on smartphones to take pictures of these EHS issues, and communicate them back to the people in charge of monitoring and fixing them.


Oh, sorry, now that we mention it this advanced technology is available today in the form of CrowdComfort’s Human Sensor Network app. For more information, go here.

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