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Your 2016 Tech Convention Calendar (1/2)

Tech Convention Calendar: Attend in 2016

We’ve often discussed the merits of staying on top of new technology, facility management trends, and innovation within the field. And, of course, there’s no better way to condense those goals into big gulps than via annual convention.


Here’s your comprehensive list for the first half of 2016:


CES – Sadly, You’ve Already Missed It (Las Vegas)


CES is one of the year’s best-known—and most public—tech conventions. If you were hoping to attend in 2016, you’d sadly already missed the bus (find highlights here). But, the good news is that we’re only 12 months from the next CES, which will serve as a much better indicator of technological gains achieved during 2016, rather than where we’re starting from now.


If you are interested in attending next January’s event, you can reserve your spot here.


TED 2016 – February (Vancouver)


If you don’t have a ticket yet, you’re probably going to have trouble getting one (and, even if you could, this is among the most expensive conference of the year). But, the good news is that TED records its sessions and releases them after the event. Since this event’s scope is huge, a big portion of this event’s presentations would be irrelevant anyway—but there’s always a handful of talks a year that really bring home the impact of new technology on comfort, building efficiency, and augmenting human capabilities. We’ll look to share such video as it’s released, with our own take on how FMs can apply different data points.


More on the event here.


Collision – April (New Orleans)


Collision is a younger event than many others on this list, but one with undeniable impact over the past few years. Structured sort of like a hybrid between CES and TED, this event offers a ton of great networking opportunities as well as keynote speeches from big-name CEOs and celebrities.


You can learn more and register for the event here.


IFMA’s Facility Fusion – April (Indianapolis)


Designed to help facility managers with more practical problems, Facility Fusion describes its focus as “designed to meet specific professional development needs for every FM. From day-to-day operations and soft management skills, to advanced sustainability and workplace strategies.” Expect less on emerging tech, but more targeted solutions and industry networking opportunities.


Find registration and other convention details here.


TechCrunch Disrupt – May & September (New York & San Francisco)


If you want to witness tech’s true cutting edge, Disrupt is the convention to do it at. With two options during 2016 (and on both corners of the U.S.), finding a way to make one event seems like it should be relatively easy. Since presentations often encompass tech that’s still pretty young, however, expect to see things you’ll likely implement a few years down the road.


Get the details on both Disrupt events here.


We’ll share more events for the rest of the year in posts to come! Subscribe here to be sure you never miss a new topic.

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