Katy Redmond: A Tech Leader Peels Off the Layers of Bringing New Tech Into the Workspace

Katy Redmond, National Director of Technology Solutions at JLL sits down with the Real Estate Tech Guys to chat about why real estate is traditionally the last business unit to enter the technology sector, what she sees as the next big thing in CRE tech, and what she forecasts for the future.

Real estate’s interest in technology is still growing, although commercial real estate companies are slow to adopt new tech. One of the biggest technology advances she sees for CRE in the future is 5G. The smart building, she says, will become even more exciting with the entrance of 5G and how it will transform the industry even in just the next twelve months.

Katy believes the smartphone has become ubiquitous and it is a central point of connection. She thinks the next step is to unbundle this physically since keeping them charged and connected is one of the biggest obstacles faced.

Find out what Katy sees with her clients and what she sees as successful when it comes to mobile devices. What does she see as coming next with mobile phones? How do we redirect the focus when it is so easy to be distracted by our mobile devices? How will augmented reality come into play in order to ease the friction that mobile devices cause productivity?


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Episode 6: Jennifer Conway on AI & How it Affects Real Estate

In this episode, Jennifer Conway of the MIT Investment Management Company helps the Real Estate Tech Guys get a handle on how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are impacting commercial real estate.

What does AI mean to a corporate real estate executive and what are some of the big lessons Jennifer has learned in working with the MIT portfolio? AI and machine learning are two different things. AI can be defined as anything that requires human intelligence to do. Machine learning just does not happen without a lot of good, clean, structured data.

Still, even with the data, there is a lack of acceptance of new technologies since real estate owners still struggle with being able to trust computers with no human verification behind the data. Companies like CrowdComfort bring in a human element and helps set a clear picture of demand.

Jennifer sees the potential for a huge explosion with AI & Machine Learning, but there are a few things she sees that may be obstacles to this advancement. Watch the video for more insight from real estate tech guru Jennifer Conway.


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