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Smarter Working Conditions for Smarter Facility Managers



Facility managers’ effectiveness has always been limited to things they hear and see around their buildings—whether first-hand, or through tenants’ reports. But, what about the things they can’t see?


In many cases, invisible issues ultimately end up becoming visible only once they develop into a full-scale problem (such as when a corroding pipe finally starts to leak on those below). And, while many problems are as simple as a mop and a repairman, others—such as faulty electrical systems—can potentially create life-threatening danger.


It’s no surprise, then, that buildings are increasingly relying on new technology that’s capable of monitoring the things we can’t. Indeed, “The Internet of Things” is creating a wonderfully connected world in which we’re privy to information that would be otherwise far too time consuming to access (or, in some cases, entirely impossible).


What does all this mean, in practical terms, for a facility manager?


Well, for starters, it means that connected facility managers will ultimately spend less time running routine checks, and will be more aware of system statuses between said checks. So, maintenance gets a lot more efficient, and system performance becomes a lot more reliable.


It also means that incremental issues are easier to identify before they devolve into a tenant-submitted report. This important divide—from reactive to proactive—can drastically change the functionality of a building, especially when full-fledged repairs might require a space to close completely.


Finally, it means that facility managers will quickly learn a ton more about their buildings. A recent Service Futures article explains this well:


“The development of the Internet of Things and ambient intelligence will allow managers to develop a much better understanding of how people are using buildings, leading to new maintenance approaches, better designs, and more productive spaces.”


For these reasons—and many more—we’ve designed CrowdComfort to not only help track maintenance schedules and to-do lists for better organization, but also so that we can periodically pair it with new systems. We’ll be watching the “smart facility management” space closely, and you can bet we’ll be looking for ways to better streamline both day-to-day tasks and long-term facility functionality.


Want to learn more about how CrowdComfort can keep you better connected to your facility? Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay connected, or schedule a demo today, here.


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