Sasaki Associates Better Connects Employees & Property Owners



Sasaki Associates is piloting a new way to manage the built environment at their headquarters in Watertown. As an architectural firm, Sasaki understands the importance of innovation in every stage of development, from the early stages of planning and design all the way to implementation and management.  CrowdComfort was a natural partner to help Sasaki better connect employees and property owners in the spaces they inhabit and manage.


CrowdComfort offers a SaaS solution that replaces old school email and spreadsheets with simple mobile reporting for facility- and space-related concerns. All it takes is a smartphone and a CrowdComfort QR code. Users simply download the app, scan to identify their location, and submit concerns. Managers can manage these reports from their phone or desktop and notify users with real-time updates via push notifications.

According to Sasaki’s COO, Will Scarbrough, “Our architects and designers want to try out the latest technology for buildings. At the same time, our building manager, John, is excited to consistently collect input from people in the building. Our goal is for this data about our building to enable decisions that correctly reflect people’s experience of working here.”


Sasaki is piloting the service with their very own employees to start. Headquartered in a beautifully renovated mill building with 260 employees, Sasaki collects its fair share of work order requests. For the next month, these employees will be empowered to submit maintenance, thermal comfort and noise level requests from their smart phones in less than 30 seconds.  This information will help the facilities team better manage requests, engage employees and track progress over time.


Interested in learning how your employees or tenants could benefit from CrowdComfort? Email to learn more.


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