Stop drowning in paper.

Customized Maintenance Checklists — all from your phone.

Preventative maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. With CrowdComfort, you can import existing checklists into our app. When an inspector scans an asset, they can quickly see its history and register their work to prove they completed the work.


Custom Checklists

Each checklist is completely customized to fit your process. No workarounds.

One-Click Reporting

Submit reports quicker with just one click.

Work Validation

Your employees can easily submit before and after images with their smartphone. The location of the report is automatically recorded.

Outstanding Issue Resolution

Easily see previous checklists and follow-up on outstanding issues.

Get Started in Days

There is no need to install any kind of hardware. Our intuitive app is available through the Apple Store and Google Play and requires minimal training.

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