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Praise or Hate it, Facilites can be Rated

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It seems that virtually everything in our lives has become rated. We select which restaurants to eat at based on customer reviews, we choose hotels by reading about guest experiences, and we purchase presents after hearing others describe usefulness and longevity of the object. A recent survey even revealed that some 90% of customer purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews!


In fairness, the reason it’s so hard to get away from ratings is that they’re incredibly useful (when applied well)—a quick, easy way of collectively understanding the pros and cons for any given decision. So, while designing our mobile-first facility management app, we wanted to make sure facility managers knew how those around them were perceiving different issues. To this effect, we designed a system that keeps reports available for all in a building to interact with, from the time they’re filed until a facility manager decides the issue has been resolved. Doing so has two big advantages:


Reports no longer need to be duplicated.


Rather than having multiple tenants waste time writing up a report that’s already been received—and create more work by requiring facility managers to discuss an issue with several people independently—this process allows others to simply add their own perspective to an existing chain, which the facility manager can respond to directly. As such, we’ve seen clients note lessened administration time, and more availability “on-the-ground” to solve problems.


Facility managers gain insight into the true depth of a problem.


By having others reinforce (and refine) an existing report, facility managers gain insight into where they should allot time and resources at any given stage of the day. If a report is quickly confirmed by a wealth of different people, there’s a good chance facility managers should weigh it more heavily than an item which appears to affect only one person, and in a minor way.


Naturally, these ratings are no replacement for a facility manager’s experience, personal insights, and independent review of a problem—they’re merely an added means of further understanding the pain points of those they aim to serve.


Interested in learning more about how CrowdComfort connects and enables facility managers? Schedule time for a demo, here.


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