Personalization is Everywhere, Including the Workplace

With all the new ways to buy products digitally, and share the product experiences through various social channels, the “age of personalization” has arrived. All of the ways in which people of all ages (especially young people) customize their experiences is growing rapidly. It should be expected to spill into a wide field of aspects, such as facility management, and the way we create working environments.


  • To personalize is to have control: As human beings, we constantly personalize; from the clothing we choose to wear, to what media we consume, and what food/beverages we eat, we as a society have an amazing amount of control. Researchers at the University of Kentucky found a highly psychological need for personalization. As quoted from the study, a woman told a researcher that “if her company restricted the extent or manner in which she personalized, she wouldn’t work for them.” The flat out refusal of work, because of a limit to customizing your work environment, is a powerful anecdote to draw upon when thinking about personalization.



  • Personalization is Mobilization: The latest UCaaS report found that there is an increasing trend in work mobility and BYOD environments. The ability to make workplaces digital is giving several members of the workforce to ability to finish their responsibilities from anywhere. Mobilization allows workers to pick and choose when they actually come into the office. So for facility managers, and similar persons; allowing your employees to have a say in how their building is run is critical to ensuring that your workplace is valued, invested, and of course, personalized by the employees.


CrowdComfort not only uses employee reports to adjust basic environmental concerns like indoor temperatures and maintenance issues, but it also gives managers the tools to analyze data from employee reports, and make work improvements for everyone at the office.

Personalization has arrived to the workforce, so you should offer it as a facility manager, or else your employees will probably leave the fate of your company “to choice.”

As an employee, do you feel that you have choice to create a comfortable workplace when you come into work?


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