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Operational Ju-Jitsu: Actionable data through Crowdsourcing

Operational Ju-Jitsu

Operational Ju-Jitsu allows you to leverage crowdsourcing to provide advanced insights and data, which provide unique advantages.


By: Eric Graham – CEO; @begraham43

Crowdsourcing is not a fad. It’s a proven method of data collection and analytics that taps into the wisdom of the crowd. Even so, many operations managers and other professionals do not consider crowdsourcing as leading the list of reliable solutions to challenges. This may be because many operators of large buildings, enterprise campuses, or real estate holdings lack the so-called “crowdsourcing gene.”

Another possible reason for their reticence is the sense that, in sharing and eliciting feedback openly from everyone, the workplace becomes an asylum that is being run by the inmates.

Research has proven time and again that the crowd is smarter and more powerful than any one individual and that it consistently delivers create, highly effective solutions to all manner of problems.


Here are five examples of successful crowdsourcing:

  • General Mills has instituted a crowdsourcing network to access ideas and data that range from ingredients to packaging to new product development and to encourage suggestions to improve technology and digital presence.
  • Citizens of Cairo, Egypt were recently asked to design solutions to a number of problems related to traffic congestion and safety as part of an open innovation competition. The winning idea was Beliaa – an app that automatically sends GPS data to the nearest road assistance centers when cars break down.
  • NASA uses crowdsourcing to help solve vexing complexities in computer coding, to locate asteroids and to develop algorithms to prepare and store vital supplies.
  • Zooniverse launched the Moon Zoo crowdsourcing project, allowing ordinary citizens to study and organize high-resolution lunar images. To date, some four million lunar images have been studied.


Managers that use crowdsourcing are employing Operational Ju-Jitsu: the synchronization of enterprise data, operations, and management. By embracing crowdsourcing, they find real advantages that include:

  • Accelerated response
  • Diverse solutions based on eclectic knowledge
  • Minimized complaints
  • Better and exciting new insights
  • Simple solutions
  • More efficient use of time


All of these points lead to real savings and advantages over both peers and competitors. Master the moves of operational ju-jitsu to launch your crowdsourced solutions with expertise.


CrowdComfort helps you can realize these benefits in your business.

We suggest you read our latest white paper: “Connecting Management and Operations Via the Human Sensor Network™.

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