Nelly Campos: Starting from Scratch with Real Estate Technology

When it comes to real estate technology, sometimes it can feel like we are traveling back in time. Real estate companies just don’t traditionally jump into adding to their technology stack.

For Nelly Campos, she wants to make sure she is finding the best technology for her company to stay ahead of the curve. As the head of real estate, she manages 2600 buildings and 50-60 million square feet which requires a lot of data and manpower. It is Nelly’s job to see what technologies are out in the market and determine which technology will help her company reach its highest success.

She sees the world of real estate technology moving very quickly and in order to keep up, she needs to determine what the best practices are for implementing and adopting new technology. With this, comes many challenges, like the lack of on-demand services available within the commercial real estate sphere.

In this quick chat, she talks about what technologies she thinks about and how she assessed what was in the market to determine what approach to take to make working easier. She gives insight into how she thinks about technology and how she looks at it on a day-to-day basis and what processes she uses.

Find out what technology efforts she is making and what is working for her and her team and what isn’t. Nelly also dives into what she foresees for the future of technology in the real estate industry.


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