Make “sense” of building performance with CrowdSense


We are excited to launch the arrival of our new informational tool called CrowdSense! The tool was built from an interactive visualization of 200+ smartphone reports sourced from one anonymous enterprise customer. In just a three-month sample, CrowdSense shows two previously unknown HVAC problems that the BMS (Building Management System) was unable to find.

“No facility has enough guys to cover every square foot. But with CrowdComfort’s technology in the hands of our students, it’s like having two thousand sets of eyes and ears out in the field,”
says Howie LaRosse, the Executive Director of Facilities Planning at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. LaRosse is describing CrowdComfort’s end-user app.

Smartphones users (students, office employees, etc.) submit reports that go straight to a facility, property, or real-estate manager. The managers also use the app to address concerns and reports in real-time. These reports are also geolocated, the same technology seen in popular apps like Instagram.


CrowdSense offers a way to understand the data that CrowdComfort’s “two-thousand sets of eyes and ears” provide. Facility Managers can view specific details of a maintenance report and thermal report including time submitted, photo included and location down to the nearest square foot. It gets as granular as a specific floor’s coffee maker overheating. These detailed reports are highly actionable: we were able to identify two HVAC issues that were causing employee discomfort in 2 separate parts of the building.


Currently, CrowdSense is viewable ( as a demo and requires no external software as it is web-hosted.

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