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These are the Most Advanced Facilities to Date.



Smart building tech, as a market, is valued well into the trillions. The potential to give facilities an artificial intelligence, to promote productivity, has already seen hard, current results. What are the best and brightest examples of these “smart buildings/facilities?” What applications, features, and platforms do these structures have that are lacking in less advanced facilities? 


Well, let’s jump in then, and learn about the Most Advanced Facilities to Date: Read more


The Virtual Worth of the Virtual Office



As we said last week, we are approaching the age of the “Oculus Office.” However, before we start assuming that this is truly a powerful trend, we should know how much investment is already in “Virtual Tech” and Smart Buildings right? Well, the answer can be easily found, and may shock you.


According to Digi-Capital,  the projected revenue of the VT and AR (Augmented Reality) markets combined is $150 billion by the year 2020. That is an 80-20 split, as AR is $120 billion dollars of the revenue. Still, that means Virtual is more likely than not to be a $30 billion industry. Of those technologies, a very large portion is going into commerce applications. Check it out below. Read more

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Facility Managers and “Digital Care”




As discussed last week, we’re observing a consistent trend in business: the shift from physical spaces to digital ones. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the office isn’t disappearing—it’s just being reformed from a wider range of building blocks (spanning both bricks and pixels). For facility managers, this means that future success will be found in adapting to better maintain both physical and digital spaces within their building. Read more

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Commutes gone? Welcome to the “Oculus Office”




Fifty years ago, business was done almost exclusively via face-to-face meetings (supplemented by landlines and the postal service). Today, we harness the ability to send massive amounts of information across the globe within seconds. And, tomorrow, we’ll be more likely to sit at virtual conference tables than real ones. We are a society that may be headed into an era of the “Oculus Office.” Read more

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“App Power” makes for an “App Planet



Welcome to the “Age of the App.”


You probably have friends, family, and colleagues —who everyday — introduce you to another app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Apps can be found any, and everywhere, all with the sole purpose of making your life a little easier.


The good folks over at Statista found an immense amount of data on mobile apps, and even higher numbers on human interaction with these apps. Read more

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Smarter Working Conditions for Smarter Facility Managers



Facility managers’ effectiveness has always been limited to things they hear and see around their buildings—whether first-hand, or through tenants’ reports. But, what about the things they can’t see?


In many cases, invisible issues ultimately end up becoming visible only once they develop into a full-scale problem (such as when a corroding pipe finally starts to leak on those below). And, while many problems are as simple as a mop and a repairman, others—such as faulty electrical systems—can potentially create life-threatening danger. Read more


Personalization is Everywhere, Including the Workplace

With all the new ways to buy products digitally, and share the product experiences through various social channels, the “age of personalization” has arrived. All of the ways in which people of all ages (especially young people) customize their experiences is growing rapidly. It should be expected to spill into a wide field of aspects, such as facility management, and the way we create working environments. Read more