Why is Work “Worth it?”



The average American will work for about ten years of their life.


Based on the fact that the average workweek has jumped to 47 hours, with the working demographic from ages 20-65, you will most likely be one of the people who will spend ten waking years working. Why do we do it? Why is it worth it? Read more

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“Social Management” in Facilities Management: The relevance of Social Media



Social Media is a digital phenomenon that has come a long way since it was invented in college dorm rooms, and other places, far from the corporate structures that house them today. What started as a way to create social networks, has evolved into a multi-faceted beast: a tool for enterprise, networking, and connectivity, all on a mobile device.   The explosion of social media is still, well, an explosion. The numbers at the Pew Institute don’t lie:


  • Nearly two-thirds of American adults (65%) use social networking sites, up from 7% when Pew Research Center began systematically tracking social media usage in 2005.
  • 71% of online adults use Facebook
  • 23% of online adults use Twitter
  • 26% use Instagram
  • 28% use Pinterest
  • 28% use LinkedIn

Read more

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“App Power” makes for an “App Planet



Welcome to the “Age of the App.”


You probably have friends, family, and colleagues —who everyday — introduce you to another app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Apps can be found any, and everywhere, all with the sole purpose of making your life a little easier.


The good folks over at Statista found an immense amount of data on mobile apps, and even higher numbers on human interaction with these apps. Read more


Communication as a Key to Team Success


Excellence in communication is pre-emptive to excellence in general. The best organizations utilize all the major tools and techniques in order to properly relay messages and collaborate on ways to improve.


Let’s use Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or any sports team, as an example: The quarterback, linemen, receivers, tight ends, running backs, and other players rely on verbal and nonverbal cues to execute plays in the middle of gameday action. Then, the coaches and team personnel take up headsets, tablets, and other technologies to provide off-field insight. The entire organization works together to plan, guide, and radically change game strategy to ensure success. Read more

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Temperature Issues at Work: Let’s Solve them!

Temp and Product.Having a comfortable temperature is key for people to concentrate and be productive. Think of all the times in your life where you had to get up and adjust the thermostat, or put on another layer, so that your body temp was just right. Maintaining proper temperature conditions is qualitatively, and quantitatively proven to improve productivity in the office. Read more