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“Comfort Keys” Your Company Can’t Get Wrong

Master the 4 Comfort Keys!

Comfort at the office can disrupt productivity, and cause “unworkable” conditions. Make sure you follow these for “Comfort Keys.”


We understand that different organizations have different needs—and we work hard to make sure our solutions always allow for flexibility and customization. But, despite industry and personal preferences, there are still four aspects of building management that run consistent across every building we visit. GET THESE RIGHT! Read more

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Relax those Eyes: “Light” and “Comfort” Collide!



A few years back, there was some heavy buzz about the “ergonomics” of office supplies and furniture—with a vast range of products released to address various needs (such as chairs, keyboards, and standing desks). To be brief, these items were designed to improve the relationship between workers and the devices they used all day in an effort to reduce strain—and injury—from repetitive motions or poor posture. Read more

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Why you shouldn’t take “lighting lightly”



When talking about quick ways to immediately impact productivity—and make an office a more comfortable place to work—few things come to mind as influential as a building’s lighting. In fact, according to efficiency expert Andrew Jensen, there’s a full spectrum of problems light issues can cause around an office: Read more