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Healthy Workers for Healthier Productivity



Last week, we discussed the ways in which employee illness is a maintainable, and preventative measure. The consequences of poor employee health are obvious; poor health leads to poor work, poor productivity, and poor worker morale. Check out the following numbers and key insights from the Willis Health and Productivity Survey Report: 


  • 93% believe that healthier employees are more productive, yet very few are measuring the impact of productivity on employees’ absenteeism (22%), FMLA (19%) and presenteeism (7%)
  • 64% provide employees with tools and resources to become better consumers
  • 61% identified employees’ health habits as the primary challenge in controlling health care costs.
  • Organizations are shifting costs and risks to employees and providing them with more incentives to improve their own health.

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Common Sense to Promote Community Health — at Work



In the immortal words of Eddard Stark, “winter is coming.” And—with it—a whole plethora of sick people tromping about the office, handing out germs as though they were speaking holiday cheer.


According to research by The Society for Human Research Management (SHRM), some 31% of polled employees reported coming to work “all of the time” while not feeling well—and another 35% reported coming “often.” In fact, only 5% of employees reported that they “never” came to work when feeling sick. Read more