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Boston 2016: A Great Bet for Building a Business

Panorama of Boston Harbor and Financial District in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston has always been noted as a wonderful place for innovative businesses, now see why that will be the case in 2016.




When we founded CrowdComfort, we knew the city we chose would become an integral portion of our identity, as well as a hotbed of influence for the organizations we’d work with during early expansion. To this effect, Boston became an inevitable choice for a few reasons: Read more

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Startup Talk: The Top Six Reasons Why Several Fail

 Reasons why a Startup will fail

Currently, we live in an American entrepreneurial age, where innovation and big ideas can produce big rewards. However, a startup has a 10% at surviving; here’s why —


Startup culture is incredibly tantalizing to entrepreneurial, adventurous, explorative, daring, creative, and innovative minded-people in America and beyond. The idea of building a concept, selling that concept, and of this from the ground-up is as close to the American dream as many will be nowadays. While several startups have had tremendous success and profitability, only 1 in 10 will succeed. A startup’s success is determined by several, very different factors that are the difference between a startup’s success and failure. 


Here are the top six reasons why startups fail:  Read more

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Facility Manager Notebook: Your ROI Cheat Sheet

Your ROI cheat sheet!


Maintaining the buildings people work in and occupy can be costly, so here’s how to maximize your ROIs

 If you’re an energy manager, a facility manager, or a professional somewhere in-between, you will be asked to make sure the services you sign up for carry some sort of Return on Investment, or “ROI.” This can be a tedious, number-crunching task where you can lose track of the big picture: getting as much savings as possible. We’ve outlined some tips and tricks that will get you the best possible ROI: 


  • Thinking Small may have a Big Payoff — 

According to several experts in this piece by facilitiesnet, “Everyone is looking for a large payout.” They argue against this idea that you have to have a single big ROI within operating costs. Try looking for several smaller ROI opportunities to fully maximize how much you spend on energy and utilities. By finding several small applicable return on investments,  you can “snowball” these savings into a very large cutback on operational costs. 


  • Use a calculator that uses relies on relevant data — 

ROI calculators are running rampant on the internet lately. Some don’t even utilize current figures and numbers when going through their calculations. Our calculator is backed with IFMA, along with several others out there.  With a little fact-checking, you can determine if a software, system, or product will actually produce the ROI it promises. Some common sense and gut feeling can be the difference between a good investment and a bad investment. 


  • Maximize the physical space, go smart — 

Smart buildings provide huge return on investments. Their ability to recognize energy expenditure provides millions in savings. However, not every company and organization can afford to move to a state-of-the-art facility. Smart buildings are more than just tech-infused super structures. Find simple ways to let natural light occupy your spaces; the types of windows and building materials affect temperature and comfort levels immensely. Some as simple as changing the layout of an office can go a long way in maximizing the utilities you already have. Think “smarter, not bigger” when it comes to finding ROIs.


  • Train your occupants on how your buildings work — 

Simply educating the people that use your buildings comes a long way in saving on operating costs. One person may adjust a thermostat or setting panel that controls HVAC units in other spaces within the building. Another person then “combats” that with their own adjustment. A proper overview of the building functions (within limit of occupant control), provides another simple, easy way to build ROI. 


What other tricks have you found that offer a way to capitalize on an ROI opportunity? 









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CrowdComfort’s “Need to Read” Before 2016



2016 is right around the corner. 


Our team here at CrowdComfort has hit some large milestones throughout 2015. These are instances of growth and improvement in all categories; one of those categories being thought leadership. Below is a list of all of CrowdComfort’s “must reads” before 2015 is over.  Read more

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An Energy Bar, Product News, And the Instant Economy



Over the last few weeks, the CrowdComfort team has been getting excited for an event called “Energy Bar,” held at our current incubator, Greentown Labs.  While they hold several Energy Bars throughout the year, this was special for a variety of reasons, including that it was the last Energy Bar of 2015. We appreciate the support Greentown has provided us, and have our recap below.


Read more

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We raised $1.4 Million! Here’s a Recap


Last week, the news came out that we raised over a million dollars in funding. The support we got from our friends was highly appreciated, as we have the following tweets, mentions, etc. to showcase the shoutouts we received! 

The reasons why we were able to hit this exciting milestone was highlighted during our initial coverage of the news. A million dollar idea has a lot of components, around a single and general concept. We appreciated all the support we have received, and are more than amped to continue to grow!  Read more


Why is Work “Worth it?”



The average American will work for about ten years of their life.


Based on the fact that the average workweek has jumped to 47 hours, with the working demographic from ages 20-65, you will most likely be one of the people who will spend ten waking years working. Why do we do it? Why is it worth it? Read more


How to “Go Pro” as a Facility Manager



You’ve thought for quite a while on what you want to do to make a living. It’s a thinking process made by young people fresh out of school, or working professionals that want to broaden their horizons. You’re either sure, or interested in the field of facility management. Maybe you are already a working facility manager, but want to sharpen your skills as well? If you fall into any of the characteristics above, then you found a great guide to start, and build, your facilities management career. Read more

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Facility Managers are now.. Environmental Managers?

We spend a lot of time discussing how facility managers can better serve the tenants of their buildings—and, for good reason, as doing so is their core responsibility. But, on an even larger scale, facility managers have tremendous opportunity to care for those well beyond their own walls, simply by serving as stewards of the environment.


Nonetheless, there’s been dramatic misconception over the years that environmentally conscious behavior is both expensive and inconvenient for companies to take on. As a result, we’d like to take a few minutes today to discuss these misconceptions, in order: Read more