How to Climate “Change” for the better




Yes, that is Pope Francis. That is in fact the leader of the Catholic church, in a blog post usually about mobile facility management trends, advantages, and ideologies. You also noticed the little speech bubble above his head, correct?


As Pope Francis’s papal legacy has unfolded, he has been a supporter of progressive social issues, and has especially been on top of global climate change issues. So if someone like the Pope is speaking about climate change awareness, does that indicate a pattern of increasing beliefs?


The short answer is, in fact, yes. The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found the following after compiling data taken from the previous year:



  • “Every single county believes we should fund research into renewable energy.”
  • “Every single county believes we should regulate CO2 as a pollutant.”
  • “Nearly 95 percent of counties (2,977 of 3,143) agreed with “strict CO2 limits on existing coal-fired power plants.”
  • ”Nearly 99 percent of counties (3,104 of 3,143) agreed with a requirement that utilities should produce 20 percent of electricity from renewable sources.”
  • ”63% of Americans fully believe global warming is happening”
  • -“Only 39 of the 3,143 counties in the United States that disagree with the idea global warming is happening”



So if you’re a facility manager, or a workplace manager, you will forced to adapt to these growing attitudes and growing recognition of problems. The energy sources you are using have a demand to be sustainable, efficient, and cost effective. COand coal-based energies are slowly on the decline, with renewable alternatives like solar slowly increasing in capital.


A simple way to reduce your emissions, is to make sure you aren’t “overheating”, or “over AC-ing” the office. Our CrowdComfort tech offers a platform that can record and analyze your peak energy usages, and make better decisions about what type, and how much energy you use. Plus, it’s simple to scan and snap problem areas that are too hot, or too cold, to instantly report out to the proper channels.


What measures are you taking to ”climate change’” your buildings for the betterment of the tenant’s space, your personal space, and your planet?


Like what you see? Get in touch with CrowdComfort today for a free consultation of your facilities’ needs and how we can help!

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