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Facility Managers are now.. Environmental Managers?

We spend a lot of time discussing how facility managers can better serve the tenants of their buildings—and, for good reason, as doing so is their core responsibility. But, on an even larger scale, facility managers have tremendous opportunity to care for those well beyond their own walls, simply by serving as stewards of the environment.


Nonetheless, there’s been dramatic misconception over the years that environmentally conscious behavior is both expensive and inconvenient for companies to take on. As a result, we’d like to take a few minutes today to discuss these misconceptions, in order:


Environmental Leadership is Expensive


Sure, there are approaches—like building grand, hanging gardens on corporate rooftops—that can involve what often amount to prohibitive startup costs. But, more than anything else, being a steward of the environment simply means being conscious of how resources are used, and always looking for greater efficiency.


For instance, a client using CrowdComfort’s app recently discovered that closing the doors to a building’s staircases significantly lowered their energy expenditure on climate control. The result, in their case, was actually a decent chunk of savings, while slightly decreasing their organization’s environmental footprint. Small changes like these—tested and tracked using an intelligent platform—can often make the biggest difference.


Going Green is Inconvenient


While the onset of any new policy can raise a few eyebrows, gradual changes around a building are often quite welcomed by tenants.A recent Gallup poll, for instance, shows that 83% of Americans made changes to their lives over the previous five years to better protect the environment—with recycling among the top of named efforts.


As such, small efforts—such as hosting an annual “Electronics Recycling Day” event within your facility—can not only help declutter a building, but also improve sentiment among those who are actively seeking such opportunities. As a facility manager, simply enabling tenants to follow their own desires to do good can make a big difference.


As a facility manager, it can be daunting to consider the responsibility of being positioned in a role so capable of enacting real change. Nonetheless, the International Facility Management Association felt this was such a big portion of the job, that a 2009 task force named “Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability”one of the job’s 11 core competencies.


To further discuss how CrowdComfort can further your facility’s desire to reduce waste and improve work conditions, just send us a note here!


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