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Facility Management Holiday Gift List Two: Security Tools



In part two of our “Holiday Gift List” for Facility Managers, we’ll take a look at some of the security systems that could turn your building into a paradise, and make your the job for building professionals a whole lot easier.


You should treat yourself, as the holiday season is about you, as well as the property you manage. Let’s dive in.




HD Security Camera System — 

The folks over at Lorex have developed a variety of cameras that record and capture security footage in 1080p quality. Depending on the size of the system, the price ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The feature list is impressive, as it is iOS compatible, and allows for mobile monitoring and mobile DVR capture. 




Wireless Alarm Systems — 

The Skylink Wireless Security Alarm, available at retailers like the Home Depot, offers several programmable features, like voicemail and speed-dial, that make automated security easy and flexible. The biggest selling point though is that the installation is completely wireless, and can be installed in a variety of square footage limits. 




Cloud Cyber-Security Systems — 

There are several digital security systems that protect your networks from malware, hackers, and other invasive programs from outside sources. With the advent of cloud storage and cloud computing, you want to make sure that you invest (or splurge) on a cyber-security protocol that has a specialization in cloud software. Thankfully, companies like NuHarbor offer specializations in how administrators and managers secure their network. 


We’ll be continuing the “Facility Management Gift List” throughout December! What are some things that you could get during the holiday season that would make your buildings better? 



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