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Facility Management Holiday Gift List Three: Miscellaneous Goodness



In part three of our Facility Management Holiday Gift List, we decided to take a break from the usual stuff, tools and building services, to focus on the personalization of your office. Let’s look at all the gizmos and toys that could make your working environment a little more comfortable, or charismatic.


Let’s dive in.



A Coffee Warmer — 

Every get so pre-occupied with those emails or workflows that a moment later your coffee is room temp? With a mug warmer, like this one from Mr. Coffee.  Now, you don’t have to worry about keeping your cup o’ Joe warm, while you grind out that early morning task list. 




Personalized Pens — 

For the few times that you have jot down a few notes on paper, why not add your own personal flair on your writing utensil? Etsy can provide a solution through this unbelievably customized wood-finsh pen, that you can monogram yourself! “Pen” this in on the holiday shopping list for that office professional! 


Flashy Desk Organizer — 

With holiday festivities, comes holiday clutter as well. Manage all of those shopping lists, requests, and business cards with an out of control, over the top desk manager from Uncommon Goods.  They come in several different customizations, as the one above is appropriately named “Nailed It.” 


zen garden kid

Desktop Zen Garden — 

When all of the stressors of work hit you, it’s important to find an outlet for the stress. Why not take this little zen garden from Office Playground, and find your center with at your desk?! 


and last but not least… 





Space Travel — 

When all of the stressors of work hit you, you forgot to do your holiday shopping, and a Zen Garden doesn’t quite do it, why not leave the atmosphere? With the World View Voyager Experience, you can pay the nominal fee of $75,000 for a ticket. Now that is an out-of-this-world Secret Santa gift. 


While this is a little far from what we’re used to writing about, what miscellaneous gifts would you like around your office spaces?  










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