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Facility Management Holiday Gift List One: Cleaning Gadgets



It’s holiday season, and people are usually looking for clothing, jewelry, or some extravagant gizmo to gift to someone. For you, the immaculate, shining facility manager, you’re looking to upgrade your cleaning arsenal. Cleanliness and hygiene of facilities is a task that needs to be expertly handled, or else risk other problems that affect your buildings and tenants.



In the first of our series, here are a few tools and products from Karacher, 3M, and EcoLab that we have added to our master “Facility Management Gift List.” 



A Chemical Flow Control System — 

The amount of chemicals you use in buildings, and the amount that are accessible to tenants, is a liability in several ways. Over-exposed/accessible chemicals are a serious safety hazard if not properly managed. One way to solve that: a flow control system for your chemicals. This system from 3M, is just one of many examples of flow systems that building professionals can use to maintain safe chemical cleaning in facilities. 



Odor “Foggers” — 

Odor can cause general discomfort, and can be an indicator of other cleaning tasks that may have been neglected previously. Sometimes, odor can arise from other consequential actions that are out of the control of facility managers. Instead of air-fresheners that simply combine odors, negate them with a “fogger,” like this one from EcoLab.  Cleanliness is a multi-faceted attribute of buildings, one of them being the way that the buildings themselves smell. No one wants to work in a headache-inducing office space.



Floor Scrubbers, Carpet Cleaners, and everything else in between — 

Your office spaces have been beautified with that freshly stapled carpet, but of course within a week it has been tainted by spills, stains, and dirt tracked in from outside. That’s where a good old fashioned steam cleaner comes in. But what if you have hardwood floors, or other types of flooring in your building? Try looking for a pressure washer, or commercial cleaning tool from Karcher.  When you need to get serious about cleaning those floors, go big or go home. 



We’ll keep adding to the “Gift List” throughout December, what are your tools and gadgets that you already utilize in cleaning tasks in your buildings? 

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