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Rally the troops and gather the data with Executive Rounding

Executive Rounding

A great leader uses all of their tools and personnel to ensure success. Executive Rounding does just that: leveraging people and tech to gather powerful insights.


Alexander the Great.

George Patton.

John Blutarsky.


What did they have in common? They all knew how to rally the troops in order to get maximal benefit from their supporters. Even when challenges arose and the odds were against them, these masters of strategy could effectively and efficiently survey the field, while presenting the best possible plan — or at least one that got them out of Double-Secret Probation.


In today’s technology-driven world, nearly anyone can be an Alex, or George, or even a “Bluto.” Using geolocation and mapping technologies and your handy-dandy smartphone camera (which, for many, has become the primary option and purpose of purchasing/using a device), individual team members can survey the landscape, make and share comments, and spot, report, and deal with issues more effectively than ever.


We call this concept Executive Rounding. 


Using technology, they can share not only their perspectives, but also the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings that inspired them. They can even pinpoint where they made the observation so that others can replicate the perspective and determine if it inspires the same perspective. When these self-contained mobile observation units come together and pool their data, they are an unstoppable army indeed! Crowdsourcing data has massive potential, from the large problems that we notice each day, to smaller things we care about like in-flight Wi-Fi.


Encouraged by their new abilities, team members may also be encouraged to venture forth more often and more resolutely, interacting with others and sharing information and perspectives for the betterment of the entire team.


They can also use their extra-office adventures to observe how people in other units (including the C-Suite) go about their business, learning useful tips and gleaning advice that can help the further their own careers while also improving the efficiency of the entire organization. In other words, armed with technology and the confidence it engenders, team members can replicate the roles of team leaders and support everyone on the team!


As for those who are already perched on the hilltop, they too can use the increased abilities of their ever-fleeter fleet of foot soldiers to improve efficiency and win the day more often. For example, if a team member observes a new way of handling a given task, the team leader can incorporate it (giving proper credit, of course) and move the immediate goal and future protocols forward.


Such interaction and appropriate recognition can also go a long way towards improving morale and strengthening bonds among team members, which can further enhance loyalty and promote dedication to the organization.


As mobile technology has encouraged and espoused a new level of mobility, connectivity, and reliability, it can encourage and enable all members of an organization to take one new roles and new perspectives to help the entire team move forward more effectively. All it takes sometimes is the willingness to move around.


So next time you have an issue in your organization that needs a new perspective, take out your smartphone, tablet, or other device and talk a walk around. Implement Executive Rounding in your spaces: You’ll never know what you may find, but you’ll be grateful you did!

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