The intersection of real estate and technology is a hot market. There is so much tech available for consumers, but the real estate community isn’t adopting it or is very slow to adopt it. Why is this so? If the technology is there, why aren’t these large real estate companies jumping in and implementing this into their workflow?

It is understandable that trying to navigate these technologies is difficult. If you are the head of a real estate company with thousands of employees and millions of square feet of listings, it can be difficult to decide which technologies are best to bring into your company and specifically which of these technologies are worth the cost and time it takes to implement them into your business.

The Real Estate Tech Guys are bringing together tech leaders, real estate leaders, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to talk about topics like how AI can affect real estate, how the wisdom of the crowd can influence people, and other must-know technologies. There is plenty of noise around the real estate tech space, but we need to target the decision makers (such as the heads of these fortune 500 real estate companies) and find out why they aren’t adopting these technologies and explain why they should.

We are bringing in all of these key players and market movers to discuss every technology buzzword.  As your Real Estate Tech Guys, we want to get down to the nitty gritty of technology and how it can mesh with the real estate industry and evolve it into the 21st century.

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