Enterprise Facilities

The Hidden Sensor Network Already in your Building

With the power of CrowdComfort’s mobile platform at their fingertips, facility managers can work with the thousands of eyes and ears that are constantly monitoring the building. Occupants report comfort and maintenance issues with a picture and location in 20 seconds or less.



80 %

Increase in occupant engagement and satisfaction

80 %

Increase in occupant engagement and satisfaction

95 %

Reduction in time spent scoping issues

Key Benefits

Fewer Complaints

CrowdComfort’s Duplicate Deterrent© mechanism means fewer petty complaints and more actionable reports.

Geo-located reports

Feedback with location down to nearest square foot reduces the time spent scoping out problems and enables you to close work orders up to 80% faster. 

Two-way communication

Update occupants in real-time, keeping everyone in the loop about facilities-related issues and reducing frustrations.


Automatic notifications

Fully customizable filters & triggers ensures that information gets to the right people on your team at the right time


Analytics and Data Visualization 

Trending Issues

Reports Submitted by Workday

Response Time by Hours

What our Customers are saying

Chad Haskell

As an innovative company, we wanted a tool that brings management-related tasks into the 21st century. When your system turns tedious and repetitive paperwork into a user-friendly experience, you’ll never go back to a previous CMMS.

Chad HaskellGlobal Head of Facilities, iRobot

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