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CrowdComfort’s “Need to Read” Before 2016



2016 is right around the corner. 


Our team here at CrowdComfort has hit some large milestones throughout 2015. These are instances of growth and improvement in all categories; one of those categories being thought leadership. Below is a list of all of CrowdComfort’s “must reads” before 2015 is over. 


Blog: The Attributes of a Human Sensor — 

The Human Sensor Network™ is an exciting concept developed by CrowdComfort. Imagine a world where people, and their sensory functions, contribute powerful data through a crowdsourced platform. It could change the way that human beings interact, explore, and develop the spaces we occupy. This blog piece provides the key ingredients to cook up a strong Human Sensor Network. 


White Papers: Facility Automation and Safety; Giving Perspective to Building Management and Lighting — 

Our free, downloadable white papers offer readers incredibly strong insights from CrowdComfort on the practice of facility/property management. Did you know that lighting can cause high mental stress and contributes to health issues as well? Did you also know that the leading spheres of thought on automated systems believe a “human touch” is necessary to ensure safety and productivity? These resources provide fresh outlooks for a fresh year. 


Slideshare: The Advantages of Mobile Facility Management — 

2016 will be a new year of new problems, that require new, innovative solutions. A platform that offers a fluid, mobile reporting system; one that can be accessible to all generations, including the valuable “millennials,” is highly advantageous. Utilizing tech as much as people provides the most powerful way to make buildings better, as highlighted in CrowdComfort’s Slideshare. 


What are you learning about before we ring in the New Year? We’re ready to bring about more discussions, and learn about new topics in 2016! 




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