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CrowdComfort Raises $1.4 Million: Here’s Why



Big news for us, we’ve raised over a million dollars!

In a press release picked up by BostInno, our CEO, Eric Graham, explained that fifteen angel investors added to an initial funding round of $300,000 towards CrowdComfort’s expansion. Here’s why:


  • —“Ultimately we’ve created this new way of communicating these everyday issues in buildings with the folks that are on the back end.”


Collaborative tools are on the rise. Communication can’t ever be under-performed, it is too much of an asset towards success. The ability to accurately communicate is a valued commodity, and is a critical promoter of productivity. 


  • — “Seventy-five percent of the reports are ‘I’m freezing,’ or ‘I’m cold.’ That’s just wasting energy and making people uncomfortable at the same time, which affects their productivity.”


There are few people in the world who never experienced thermal comfort issues, and especially at work. Most Americans will spend decades working, which is why comfort is extremely important to emphasize in buildings. There is a huge need for tech that does what we do; when seventy-five percent of the reporting is people saying they are freezing, that need becomes apparent. 


  • — “(as an app) when an issue is relayed to building managers, other colleagues are able to see what’s been reported—and so employees don’t want to be seen as reporting frivolous issues:” 


The ability to socially collaborate encourages users to use a platform. Smartphone usage and smartphone apps are part of a billion revenues, because of their popularity and easy-to-use flexibility. Mobile platforms are “game-changing” in several industries, and that very much includes facility/building management. When you can provide a solution that allows crowdsourcing, and encourages crowdsourcing, it provides accurate and streamlined information. Plus, a mobile platform eliminates paper clutter around the office. 


Ultimately, we have a great team that is passionate about what we do, and how we do it. Every team member understands the advantages that CrowdComfort brings, and uses that knowledge to make it the best it can be. We value innovation, respect hard-work, and above all else, encourage betterment in all aspects of life. 


That is the million dollar idea, turned to reality. 


Check out the Twitter Stream below, see the digital ”high-fives” we’ve been getting! 

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