CrowdComfort Launches at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)


CrowdComfort is excited to announce a pilot launch at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) HQ in Washington D.C. USGBC created the LEED green building certification system and is a leader in advancing the green building movement through its support of new technologies in energy efficiency and sustainability. CrowdComfort offers building owners, operators and occupants a new and powerful way to share information about comfort, maintenance and safety issues with an easy to use smart device application. 


This pilot gives USGBC the opportunity to use CrowdComfort’s technology to evaluate occupants’ experience within a LEED-Platinum certified commercial interior.


According to USGBC’s VP of Research, Chris Pyke, USGBC is “excited for the potential CrowdComfort has not only to improve our maintenance reporting process, but also for capturing real-time data about occupant experiences in LEED-certified spaces. The data collected through this app could help us measure how successfully the intent of a LEED credit related to occupant comfort and satisfaction is being achieved.”


Over the next two months, USGBC employees and tour participants will participate by scanning the CrowdComfort markers located throughout the LEED Platinum facility. Each marker allows occupants to rate their thermal comfort or report a maintenance issue to staff, and pilot testers have already offered additional suggestions for how the app can better monitor energy efficiency and sustainable measures, such as:

  • Polling employees on how they got to work that day. Bike? Walking?
  • Asking if the energy efficient conference room lighting feels adequately “daylit.”
  • Measuring other comfort-related variables like humidity
  • Explaining to the user that turning the AC up in the summer by an additional degree would result in an energy cost of X and suggesting an alternative, more sustainable action


The possibilities for occupant engagement and LEED design evaluation are endless – stay tuned to hear about the pilot progress next month.


Interested in learning more? Want to bring CrowdComfort to your building? Send us an email at

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