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Connected Management and Operations for the Future

By Eric Graham — CEO; @begraham43

I never miss an opportunity to quote Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Beuller 

This quote could not be truer today when it comes to technology.

The most salient example comes from my own life: My dad was an architect who ran a successful architectural firm for over 50 years. He designed and built some of the most elegant structures I’ve ever seen. He had a gift for space, form, and function. My youth was filled with visits to wood, concrete and steel forms where site after site I watched him direct the various teams building each amazing structure.

These pleasant memories and experiences also helped me shape the idea for the company I lead today- @CrowdComfort. My dad was in complete creative control of the structures that he had drafted by hand into large paper masterpieces. True creative marvels emerged from those blank pages. He maintained his approach to the craft until the day he died. However CAD and similar software eventually became the standard. Things changed.

As CAD software took over more and more, Dad fell behind. It became more difficult for him to attract top talent to work at his firm. The firm had trained so many current designs leaders in New York and around the world. I still feel some sadness when I think about the days when he realized that he had fallen behind in his craft. He didn’t stop and look around, he missed it.

The industry has not looked back, and the software that now drives our modern buildings from ground to sky has come a long way. I heard someone say recently that when a process is digitized it hops a ride on this digital "super highway" that is moving at the pace of Moore's Law. Computing power has gone from giant mainframes
, to desktops, then laptops, and now mobile devices. Over a short span of time, we have completely changed the way we live and operate at work.

Even as Moore’s Law slows the pace of development, the operational improvements and efficiencies have yet to catch up. The legacy software that superseded my dad’s drawing paper and pencil in the twilight of his career is facing a takedown of its own. These systems won’t completely disappear, but as with all technologies before them, they will move into the background. The future is about human data capacity and sensors accessing and delivering valuable data to our fingertips where it's processed and made immediately actionable. New, faster, more efficient models are emerging.

My company – CrowdComfort – has a model designed to meet the challenges of the future. There’s no question that CrowdComfort can help both giant organizations and their employees jump and keep ahead of their peers.

Don’t fall behind: Get CrowdComfort

I strongly recommend you read our latest white paper: “Connecting Management and Operations Via the Human Sensor Network™. You can download here.

For a demo, please email info@crowdcomfort.com


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