As a leading provider of energy intelligence software and related solutions, EnerNOC was searching for ways to engage employees and optimize their own building performance. EnerNOC is interested in solutions that make their operations more efficient and improves the productivity and satisfaction of employees. I don’t think they were necessarily looking for our solution.


Using CrowdComfort’s thermal comfort and maintenance modules, EnerNOC is able to easily view and address maintenance issues, utilizing the geolocation and photo upload capabilities associated with each report. Once an issue is identified, they can assign tasks to maintenance staff and provide email updates to employees.

EnerNOC had also just moved into a new space and had interest in using CrowdComfort to better gather data during the building’s HVAC commissioning phase and for use in their LEED Certification filing. EnerNOC’s facilities management staff actively encouraged employees to report on thermal comfort. In the eight months since adopting CrowdComfort, they have gathered and analyzed over 2,000 thermal comfort reports from employees.

Key Benefits

  • The ability to easily engage employees
  • A user-friendly system that is easy to operate
  • An alignment with EnerNOC’s culture
  • Potential LEED Certification Points for

    • Comfort-related point
    • Continuous Commissioning

Hot and cold reports are represented by red and blue circles. Adjacent areas with 100% hot reports and 100% cold reports reveal an area where excessive loss of cooling was happening.


Rolling out CrowdComfort has allowed EnerNOC to monitor energy usage. By analyzing our customized heat maps, facility managers were able to identify a temperature gradient between the three floors of the office and pinpoint how air was falling down an open staircase and cooling the lower floor, and in particular over-cooling one side of the building. In the floor plan to the left, you will note the large (25 or more reports) red pie graph in the top right corner, while we see a largely blue graph just below it. These types of reports are often symptomatic of areas where simple fixes (i.e. address set-points or repair mechanical devices) can address both employee comfort and save energy from being wasted. EnerNOC has since adjusted its HVAC to accommodate for the loss of heat.


“I think this will close the gap between the employees and the facilities team. This is giving us the ability to work with the employee in real-time to identify, address, and resolve maintenance or comfort issues within our building.”

Danielle Liozzo, Workplace Services Lead

“We have a young data-driven workforce that likes to be connected, so a service like CrowdComfort is a great tool that leverages mobile technology. Allowing employees to report on the operations of our space and generate data on how the space is used is very valuable.”

David Brewster, Co-Founder & President of EnerNOC