Care for Critiques with your CMS



CMS, or “content management systems,” are the industry standard in digital property management. The tools that CMS provide for users improves organization, responsiveness, and overall maintenance of properties.  So for you building managers, ask yourselves this: what makes for a good CMS?


What are the attributes that make for a good system to manage my building? There is a lot to consider, but the overarching theme when it comes to having a strong CMS is this: easy and mobile are the two most winning components. Let’s get right into it then.


Flexible Interactivity: The ability for people to collaborate/connect,  interact, and communicate are new considerations when it comes to building a healthy work atmosphere. The same principle applies to hosting a great CMS. Give your occupants the ability to take reports, re-use them, comment on them, and give highlights to the most important concerns. This can also include day-to-day use, and reusable content. So not only does a good CMS meet concerns of empowerment, but it also makes that empowerment flexible.


Simplicity: Easier navigation within a CMS offers a ton of positives. It encourages users to learn  the system, without an intensive time commitment. You can find each piece of content without having to click wildly through multiple pages with neat, categorized tags. It makes the manager’s life easier, and the lives of the occupants easier when it comes to reporting issues. When dealing with your innovative, digitally fixated, millennial workers, where 45% associate their lives with simplicity, it can be a way to get these workers engaged with building management (even more for Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers!)


Optimized: Why have companies and enterprises moved rapidly towards digital solutions to productivity? Simple: they want to increase productivity, and reduce costs. So, instead of having multiple resources that cause “mental clutter,” why not have one CMS that effectively optimizes a system of processes? A CMS that can organize contacts, update reports, and can be used 24/7 reduces your costs across a spectrum of concerns such as ink, paper, and physical ways to store hard copies.


Mobile: So what is the strongest way to tie the three elements above together into a great CMS? A way that is simple, flexible and optimized all at once? Go Mobile. Having a mobile platform that makes issues real-time, and downloadable as an app, are perfect ways to compliment functionality and accessibility.


CrowdComfort offers a mobile real-estate CMS that is leading the way in offering facility managers, and building managers, a CMS that cares for critiques. We will continue looking into the trends and qualities that encourage, and evolve, CMS technology as a whole!


Are you interested in learning more about a strong real-estate CMS? Schedule a demo, follow us on social networks, or send us an email with any questions! 

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