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Broadcasting Solutions vs. Building Solutions

Find Solutions, not Problems

The Instant Enterprise Economy offers people a way to instantly broadcast their opinions, but what about a way to instantly build solutions?


Applications, digital tools, social media, social networking, and similar platforms have created a way for people to instantly connect, and instantly complain. For example: Yelp, the controversial app Peeple, have the ability to positively and negatively approve their experiences. However there isn’t a surefire way to instantaneous solve, or delegate solutions with these tools. So let’s understand, and learn how to build solutions, instead of simply broadcasting distaste.  


Enter, The Human Sensor Network: 


Solutions begin with an invested community — 

On social platforms, communities can come together to do incredible things, such as fundraise impressive amounts for philanthropic ventures. Take this example from Purdue University’s annual day of giving. They raised over $13 million for their “Day of Giving” event. The ability to build interested communities is extremely powerful. There needs to be a way to build other communities, ones that have derivative needs and wants.


What about people that care about the things they eat, or the places they live/operate in? These other groups of people can be as tight-knit as a few people in an office, or as large as a district of a major metropolitan area. The point being is this: the more communal people act, the more likely everyone is to have their needs met actual solutions.  


Give each other the tools and connectivity to successfully solve problems —  

The reason why enterprise apps work so well: they offer a service, instantly. If you have a community of people, make sure they can record, collaborate, and obtain services in order make the most out of invested communities. 


When actionable functions are available, people can do more than fundraise. New tools can be created, and innovative products can completely revolutionize how people live. This is done through platforms that can call for services, send notifications to service providers, and build connections between these providers and those who need services. 


Ultimately, utilize the aspects of a Human Sensor Network — 

Bringing people together to share their experiences, interacting with each other’s experiences, and turning them into an invested network of connected individuals, are all the components of a strong Human Sensor Network. Leverage the most modern and advanced technologies to build these networks, and you have extremely powerful data — human experiences. This data is immediately actionable, and makes solution-building easier than ever. 


What are some of the ways in which you are leveraging community tech to solve problems?

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