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This Brand-New Market drives Industry Consolidation

Selecting Renewable Energy High Above The Clouds

Large companies are taking advantage of this emerging market, and changing the landscape of industry consolidation.


The fundamental drivers of industry consolidation range from harnessing growth and taking advantage of market opportunities to tax and expense savings; to environmental factors, such as global warming; to financing opportunities, such as strong company stock or low cost financing. 


Putting aside the other benefits – especially tax and expense savings – exploiting market opportunities is a major driver for industry consolidation. Today the environmental health and safety (EHS) industry is consolidating and it’s all about market opportunity.


As an example, on Monday, January 25, 2016, Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI.N), a U.S. maker of heating, ventilation, AC and other environmental health and safety products and services, agreed to acquire Tyco International (TYC.N). In 2015, Tyco completed the acquisition of Industrial Safety Technologies (IST), a global leader in gas and flame detection. This follows Tyco Integrated Security’s acquisition of Carter Brothers’ Fire and Life Safety business. (Read more in this press release.)


Why are large companies combining to take advantage of EHS market opportunities? The two part answer is this: millennials and global warming.


A recent exclusive MSNBC poll, commissioned by the Clinton Global Initiative and Microsoft, found that 66% of millennials say there is “solid evidence” the earth is getting warmer, and 75% of those respondents say human activity is responsible for it.


Corporate consolidations are happening to take advantage of these growing markets.


At CrowdComfort, we are solving the same problems these big companies are attempting to address. CrowdComfort allows office workers to report on environmental, health, and safety conditions in their companies in real time. Using a smartphone and an iPhone or Android App, office workers can report a burst pipe, a broken light, garbage strewn in a parking lot, a cold office, and many other conditions.  We call it the Human Sensor Network™.


CrowdComfort’s Human Sensor Network™ enables a straightforward, cost-efficient, and market-centric way for a small company to accomplish what bigger companies are attempting.

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