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Boston 2016: A Great Bet for Building a Business

Panorama of Boston Harbor and Financial District in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston has always been noted as a wonderful place for innovative businesses, now see why that will be the case in 2016.




When we founded CrowdComfort, we knew the city we chose would become an integral portion of our identity, as well as a hotbed of influence for the organizations we’d work with during early expansion. To this effect, Boston became an inevitable choice for a few reasons:


Surrounded By The World’s Best Minds:

Boston rests at the center of the world’s strongest academic region, with MIT, Harvard, and best-in-class medical centers just minutes away. For hundreds of years, this area has been the birthing place of great ideas—long before Silicon Valley had even been given its nickname. Surrounded by such brilliant individuals, we’ve been fortunate to build a team of industry experts with extraordinary passion for our mission.


A Commitment to Entrepreneurship:

Roughly five years ago, Boston’s mayor (Menino, not Walsh)  termed a waterfront parcel of land as the city’s “Innovation District.” And, his proclamation rang true—with some of the world’s most exciting new companies now inhabiting the space.


Beyond simply setting aside land and resources to incubate new ideas, however, Boston is a leader in capital—with over $4.4 billion invested in 2014 (the third most for any metropolitan region in the U.S.).


Boundless Culture & Energy:

Here, history runs deep, with Boston serving as a pivotal location in the evolution of modern day America. Simultaneously, the influx of youthful, ambitious companies migrating to Boston today has renewed the city’s lease on revolution (albeit of technical and cultural sort). Together, this unique, hybrid energy serves as an ideal foundation for tackling age-old problems with new approaches.


Of course, we recognize (and appreciate) the beauty and history of the U.S.’s other metropolitan regions—and organizations should choose their homes based on the unique challenges they face. That said, we’re extremely proud to call ourselves Bostonians. 


What other cities are you excited to see grow and progress as centers for innovation? 

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