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The Three Biggest Reasons why “Texting your Boss” is acceptable

The advent of digital workplaces caused a relaxation of texting communication within a majority of companies and businesses. We’ll explain —   If you had ever said four or five years ago that it is ok to text your boss for any reason, then most people would think that you were crazy. Fast forward to 2016 […]

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Why The Human-Embedded IoT is the Future of Facility Management

The IoT is a powerful industry that will (and currently) advance tech into a new era. An even more advanced IoT will be the future of Facility Management.   The Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically changing how people consume goods and services. One tap of a finger on their smartphone and people can get […]

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The Next 100 Years: Technology Predictions

When predicting technology within the next century, one can easily identify future tech based on current trends. However, some of these “future technologies” may already exist today.    In every technology prediction, there are a few no brainers.   We know, for example, that military funding will continue unabated so it’s logical to predict that […]

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This Brand-New Market drives Industry Consolidation

Large companies are taking advantage of this emerging market, and changing the landscape of industry consolidation.   The fundamental drivers of industry consolidation range from harnessing growth and taking advantage of market opportunities to tax and expense savings; to environmental factors, such as global warming; to financing opportunities, such as strong company stock or low […]