How to Deliver a Better Service Management User Experience

“Full mobility, consumerized self-service, embedded social, and people-centric.” This industry white paper from BMC on the future of enterprise service management technology reads like a who’s who of all the ways CrowdComfort stands out from the crowd. Definitely worth a read!   

CIOs put the Internet of Things in perspective

“I believe the biggest opportunities lie in the ability to collect, process and respond to data streams in real-time.” We couldn’t agree more. Three IT executives share their thoughts about the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) in this great article from

It’s hot out and you’re probably freezing at your desk

We’ve all experienced this - we finally get a breath of summer and (wham!) the office thermostat keeps us in sweaters. The war of the office thermostat may be a long running joke among facility managers, but there’s a really simple solution: ask the occupants. By giving building occupants an easy way to voice their […]

Our 5 (other) favorite mobile apps that use crowdsourcing to increase efficiency

One of the most exciting trends in mobile technology is based off a pretty simple concept: when people use their smartphones to report stuff about their surrounding environment, everyone benefits. In CrowdComfort’s case, facility managers access aggregated maintenance and productivity reports from building occupants to reduce wasted time, lower costs, and improve service levels. We’re […]