“See Something, Say Something:” Limit Safety Incidents with a Tap

  Workplace safety: it’s an issue that occurs, with varying degrees of hazards depending on your industry. Anyone who has ever worked in an office building knows the standard protocols; fire drills, where the exits are, and how to file incident reports are all part of the orientation process, and you usually put these in […]


How to Climate “Change” for the better

    Yes, that is Pope Francis. That is in fact the leader of the Catholic church, in a blog post usually about mobile facility management trends, advantages, and ideologies. You also noticed the little speech bubble above his head, correct?   As Pope Francis’s papal legacy has unfolded, he has been a supporter of […]

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Are you “Mobile First,” or “Mobile Worst?”

  Facility management has long been an inherently complex and challenging role—simply because of tenants’ disparate needs and the limited resources of any given building. As such, it’s no surprise that enterprises have been working to weave technology into the process for a long time. Interesting, however, is that—prior to CrowdComfort—none of these programs were […]


Communication as a Key to Team Success

Excellence in communication is pre-emptive to excellence in general. The best organizations utilize all the major tools and techniques in order to properly relay messages and collaborate on ways to improve.   Let’s use Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or any sports team, as an example: The quarterback, linemen, receivers, tight ends, running […]