How to “Go Pro” as a Facility Manager

  You’ve thought for quite a while on what you want to do to make a living. It’s a thinking process made by young people fresh out of school, or working professionals that want to broaden their horizons. You’re either sure, or interested in the field of facility management. Maybe you are already a working […]

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Facility Managers are now.. Environmental Managers?

We spend a lot of time discussing how facility managers can better serve the tenants of their buildings—and, for good reason, as doing so is their core responsibility. But, on an even larger scale, facility managers have tremendous opportunity to care for those well beyond their own walls, simply by serving as stewards of the […]

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Praise or Hate it, Facilites can be Rated

  It seems that virtually everything in our lives has become rated. We select which restaurants to eat at based on customer reviews, we choose hotels by reading about guest experiences, and we purchase presents after hearing others describe usefulness and longevity of the object. A recent survey even revealed that some 90% of customer […]

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Smarter Working Conditions for Smarter Facility Managers

  Facility managers’ effectiveness has always been limited to things they hear and see around their buildings—whether first-hand, or through tenants’ reports. But, what about the things they can’t see?   In many cases, invisible issues ultimately end up becoming visible only once they develop into a full-scale problem (such as when a corroding pipe […]