There’s Serious Substance in Strong Safety (Part 1)

  There are few aspects more important for a workplace than safety. In fact, one might argue that it’s a foundational need for any building—the sort of thing that necessarily must come before other pursuits such as comfort and efficiency. Indeed, neither efficiency nor comfort are truly possible (or even meaningful) if a tenant’s personal […]


Why is Work “Worth it?”

  The average American will work for about ten years of their life.   Based on the fact that the average workweek has jumped to 47 hours, with the working demographic from ages 20-65, you will most likely be one of the people who will spend ten waking years working. Why do we do it? […]


Comfort is King, Comfort is Key… at work

  Let’s take a look at some numbers real fast:   A typical nine-to-five job contains 8 work hours per day Assuming two weeks of paid leave (holidays, sick days, and vacation), there are roughly 50 work weeks per year   So, all said and done, an employee will spend approximately 2000 hours per year […]

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“Social Management” in Facilities Management: The relevance of Social Media

  Social Media is a digital phenomenon that has come a long way since it was invented in college dorm rooms, and other places, far from the corporate structures that house them today. What started as a way to create social networks, has evolved into a multi-faceted beast: a tool for enterprise, networking, and connectivity, […]