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CrowdComfort Raises $1.4 Million: Here’s Why

  Big news for us, we’ve raised over a million dollars! In a press release picked up by BostInno, our CEO, Eric Graham, explained that fifteen angel investors added to an initial funding round of $300,000 towards CrowdComfort’s expansion. Here’s why:

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These are the Most Advanced Facilities to Date.

  Smart building tech, as a market, is valued well into the trillions. The potential to give facilities an artificial intelligence, to promote productivity, has already seen hard, current results. What are the best and brightest examples of these “smart buildings/facilities?” What applications, features, and platforms do these structures have that are lacking in less advanced facilities?    […]

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Why you shouldn’t take “lighting lightly”

  When talking about quick ways to immediately impact productivity—and make an office a more comfortable place to work—few things come to mind as influential as a building’s lighting. In fact, according to efficiency expert Andrew Jensen, there’s a full spectrum of problems light issues can cause around an office:

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Data will lead to “Better Building”

  At CrowdComfort, we’re huge fans of data. The more, the better; give us 100,000 pieces of input, and we’ll show you a trend that’s sure to have an impact on your business. So, it might come as no surprise that we got a bit sad last week while considering how few data streams architects […]