Make “sense” of building performance with CrowdSense

We are excited to launch the arrival of our new informational tool called CrowdSense! The tool was built from an interactive visualization of 200+ smartphone reports sourced from one anonymous enterprise customer. In just a three-month sample, CrowdSense shows two previously unknown HVAC problems that the BMS (Building Management System) was unable to find. “No facility […]

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Why Phone Use at Work is vital in Today’s Office

In the “Age of the App,” personal phone use provides productivity and ease of use simultaneously. Let your employees have their cake and Instagram it too!   Our smartphones. They are attached to us like a second-nature appendage. At home, in the car, or on the train these devices are always with us.  Except at many workplaces. […]

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6 Workplace Leader Actions to Advance Productivity

Business leaders know, and research validates, that workplace conditions influence employee performance and engagement, and ultimately company productivity.   A safe, comfortable, and healthy working environment, in addition to social dialogue and technology, will advance productivity. This sounds pretty common sense, but the above conditions rely on six actions:

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The Wall Street Journal and Office Thermostat Wars

  The office thermostat wars are very much real. These conflicts can cause stress, headaches, along with company-wide discomfort. The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenberger decided to outline this problem and provide the most tech-savvy solutions.   Janice from accounting is freezing. Ever since she clocked in at 9 a.m her mind drifted away from […]