Are Amazon’s “Dash Buttons” the Future of Restocking?

Earlier this year, Amazon unveiled a new way to order goods via its massive online storefront: The Dash Button.   The concept is pretty simple: each Dash Button is WiFi enabled and associated with a single SKU on Amazon’s website. By clicking the dash button, you’ll place an order for said item and should receive […]

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“Tech to Expect:” Our Technology Predictions for 2016

  The past year has been a big one for tech. Rapid advancements in the world of technology spanned a number of different fields—from medicine, to space exploration, to consumer products like smartphones and tablets. As we look at 2016, there’s a great chance we’ll be seeing even more.   Here are our top predictions for […]

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What Machines Miss, and more on the Human Sensor

  Anyone following our blog can attest to the fact that we’re big on technology (almost to the point of obsession). As such, it may come as a surprise to readers that—in the most important aspects of facility management—we’re even bigger proponents of people.   The simple truth is that machines aren’t yet capable of […]

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The Attributes of a Human Sensor

  The Human Sensor Network™ is a powerful tool. It allows the experiential content from a human being’s day-to-day to be quantifiable; data that betters human experiences, because it understands what human beings were doing before. At CrowdComfort, we believe the human sensor is key in bettering buildings, and bettering technology.    “Human Sensing” is […]