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Human Sensor Networks need a Human Sensor Platform

  Happy New Year, and welcome to 2016: The Year of the Human Sensor Network.    The Human Sensor Network is a concept that we at CrowdComfort are passionate to explore. Imagine a world where buildings, and other spaces we occupy, become immediate conduits to capture the most powerful data on Earth: Human Sensory Experiences. […]

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CrowdComfort on 2016: New Year, Same Passion

  CrowdComfort is tremendously grateful for the support, enthusiasm, and results we’ve generated in 2015. It’s been a blockbuster year for us—in terms of getting to work with some of our country’s most influential companies—and we can’t wait to carry this success into 2016.   To this effect, we thought we’d share a brief, heartfelt explanation […]


The Year in Review: 2015’s Most Exciting Industries

  As 2015 draws to a close, we’d like to take a moment and contemplate major movers in the year behind us:   Social Media —  Social media is an interesting case, as its dominance this year isn’t seen by any particular “leap” or “bound” (though we could cite Facebook’s staggering 1.55 billion monthly active […]


The “Instant Future” of Enterprise Economy

  There’s a good argument to be made for the fact that tech’s true value lies in its ability to save users time. Way back in 1440, for instance, the printing press unlocked an ability to produce multiple copies of manuscripts every week, rather than the previous 1-2 that might be produced by handwritten transcription […]