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Broadcasting Solutions vs. Building Solutions

The Instant Enterprise Economy offers people a way to instantly broadcast their opinions, but what about a way to instantly build solutions?   Applications, digital tools, social media, social networking, and similar platforms have created a way for people to instantly connect, and instantly complain. For example: Yelp, the controversial app Peeple, have the ability […]

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Facility Manager Notebook: Your ROI Cheat Sheet

  Maintaining the buildings people work in and occupy can be costly, so here’s how to maximize your ROIs  If you’re an energy manager, a facility manager, or a professional somewhere in-between, you will be asked to make sure the services you sign up for carry some sort of Return on Investment, or “ROI.” This […]

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Buildings, their lifespans, and why they’re “Time-Tested”

Buildings are unique in that they decay, age, and most importantly, adapt over time. Why is that?   Buildings are like the human body—they emerge from construction full of promise and potential. And yet, over time, systems become a bit more rickety, slower to respond, and generally less efficient. In such circumstances, the facility manager […]

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Wearable Tech in 2016: Big Applications

Wearable tech saw huge advances in 2015, so it’s only appropriate that in 2016 we’ll see a huge trend in this technology. To date, wearable smart-devices have primarily seen application on the consumer side of the spectrum (and with a heavy focus on fitness tracking applications). But, some are noting that this tech segment has […]