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Healthy Workers for Healthier Productivity

  Last week, we discussed the ways in which employee illness is a maintainable, and preventative measure. The consequences of poor employee health are obvious; poor health leads to poor work, poor productivity, and poor worker morale. Check out the following numbers and key insights from the Willis Health and Productivity Survey Report:    93% believe that […]

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Can you “Hear” the Comfort?

  Ease of communication is among the chief reasons we come together in a workplace. After all, modern companies are the sum of many moving parts, and it’s only by openly sharing information that any team’s success can be realized.   And yet, despite the need for fluid communications, the National Institute of Building Sciences […]

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These are the Most Advanced Facilities to Date.

  Smart building tech, as a market, is valued well into the trillions. The potential to give facilities an artificial intelligence, to promote productivity, has already seen hard, current results. What are the best and brightest examples of these “smart buildings/facilities?” What applications, features, and platforms do these structures have that are lacking in less advanced facilities?    […]

The “Invisible Office” is the “Comfy Office”

  For better or worse, the buildings in which we work tend to be among the most important structures of our lives. Here, we’ll channel creativity, perseverance, and passion into our lives’ callings. And, here, we’ll make some of our closest friends, share many of our most memorable moments, and—quite likely—whittle away long, mundane hours. […]