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Facility Management Holiday Gift List One: Cleaning Gadgets

  It’s holiday season, and people are usually looking for clothing, jewelry, or some extravagant gizmo to gift to someone. For you, the immaculate, shining facility manager, you’re looking to upgrade your cleaning arsenal. Cleanliness and hygiene of facilities is a task that needs to be expertly handled, or else risk other problems that affect your […]


We are Thankful, for Everyone

  We are thankful that people want to be better.   We are thankful that people strive and continue to be nicer, kinder, more inventive, and more willing to improve the conditions of their communities. We are extremely thankful that people persevere, and are resilient in times of strife and turmoil. We are thankful that […]


CrowdSourcing Carries Careful Accuracy

  We love crowdsourcing. It is a way to quantify, and analyze the real-time behaviors of human beings, since they are the data point. Crowdsourcing is one part of what we call “the human sensor” or the concept that people are the best source for improving the conditions around them. People knowing what people want, […]

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Maintenance Mapping the Future of Building Architecture?

  The medical industry is currently in the midst of a dramatic reinvention, and it’s all due to an expanding field known as genomics. Here, scientists and doctors collaborate to review an individual’s genome (i.e. the entirety of their DNA) and identify risk factors based on that individual’s specific biological “code.”   Just like how […]


An Open Office requires some “Closed Doors”

  In a blog post published by IFMA earlier this year, author Brady Mick notes how open trends in today’s office design—while great for collaboration—may be costing businesses the big ideas they need to thrive:   “In the first decade of the 21st century the push for more collaborative workplaces gave rise to open space designs that remain […]

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“Smart Automation” builds Smart Management

  We have talked about the limits of automation in the world of facilities management in our last couple of posts about the topic. However, that doesn’t mean that automation doesn’t have a place in the world of facilities management. In fact, we believe that any automation, and similar technologies that utilize the internet of […]


Automated Systems aren’t Human Exclusive

  Today, most of us carry handheld devices that are orders of magnitude faster and more advanced than the computers which took us to the moon half a century ago. And, every day, these devices only get better at anticipating and fulfilling our needs.   As such—and because of our all-too-human propensity toward error—it should […]