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The 13 Mobile Enterprise Apps Enhancing HR

Mobile applications are easing their way into enterprise operations, and help make HR responsibilities easier to manage.   There was a time when applying, interviewing, and being hired for a new job involved multiple visits to the employer and a lot of real-time, face-to-face interaction. Resumes and statistics were important, but the human element played […]

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The Five Best Benefits of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Augmented and Virtual Reality have gained massive interest in the eyes of the tech community and beyond, because of their broad applications. These technologies are ready to (greatly) benefit real estate.   You are standing in the foyer of your dream home. Above you, the cathedral ceiling offers a dazzling crystal chandelier like those in […]

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Rally the troops and gather the data with Executive Rounding

A great leader uses all of their tools and personnel to ensure success. Executive Rounding does just that: leveraging people and tech to gather powerful insights.   Alexander the Great. George Patton. John Blutarsky.   What did they have in common? They all knew how to rally the troops in order to get maximal benefit from […]

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This Brand-New Market drives Industry Consolidation

Large companies are taking advantage of this emerging market, and changing the landscape of industry consolidation.   The fundamental drivers of industry consolidation range from harnessing growth and taking advantage of market opportunities to tax and expense savings; to environmental factors, such as global warming; to financing opportunities, such as strong company stock or low […]

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The Four Most Underrated Duties in Facility Management

The daily “unsung” job responsibilities in the facility management world are some of the most critical, so let’s shed some light on the top four.   Today, we’re dedicating a bit of time to some of the more “underrated” or “overlooked” aspects of a facility manager’s job—things that desperately need to be done, but often go […]